LOWRANCE® StructureScan® HD Imaging Module


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The Whole Picture
Enjoy full, detailed, panoramic underwater images with combined SideScan and DownScan Imaging™, for a complete high-definition view of the underwater world.
DownScan™ ImagingAdd a new dimension to echosounding. This high frequency imaging gives a life-like representation of the water column, the bottom and any structure. See fish, rocks, weeds and wrecks.

SideScan Imaging
Crisp side-viewing StructureScan® HD detail up to 600ft/183m – a massive 20% increase compared with the original StructureScan®.
TrackBack™Scroll back through the echosounder history to mark fish or structure that you just passed over, so that you can easily navigate back.

Downscan Overlay
Exclusive technology allows you to overlay DownScan imaging onto Broadband Sounder™ on the same display to clearly separate fish from structure.

Enhanced Navigation
StructureScan® HD combines with highly-detailed cartography to provide boaters with unrivalled imagery of their immediate surroundings both above and below the surface for the ultimate in situational awareness.

Colour Palette Options
Adjust transparency and colour to locate targets more easily.

Ethernet Connectivity
Connect to an NSS, NSE or NSO navigation system with ease.

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