5 pounds. That’s the total weight of the K-Drill Ice Auger, the ice fishing auger designed especially for use with your cordless drill. But don’t be fooled by its lack of heaviness. The K-Drill is a beast, made of aluminum and tipped with a unique 3-blade system that utilizes high-carbon steel chipper blades; it chews through new ice and reopens old holes with incredible speed. You’ll also find that the K-Drill’s light weight and easy maneuverability eliminate much of the strain to your arms and shoulders. Equipped with a thermal wrap on the shaft to help keep your hands warm, and a compact built-in foam float to prevent loss if the drill chuck should ever loosen. Modular plastic shield clears ice shards quickly as you drill. Connects to any 1/2″ high powered brushless/cordless handheld electric drill. Includes safety cover for the blades. Total length: 38″. Weight: 5 lbs. Made in USA.
  • Designed for use with your cordless drill
  • Extremely lightweight system
  • Drills and reopens holes very quickly
  • Made of sturdy aluminum
  • Unique 3-blade system
  • High-carbon steel chipper blades
  • Easy to control without strain
  • Thermal wrap helps keep hands warm
  • Foam float for loss prevention
  • Simply connect to your 1/2″ handheld drill
  • Includes blade cover

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 9 × 9 in


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