Eskimo 6″ Pistol Bit


At only 3.2 lbs, this Pistol was designed for open carry. In fact, go ahead and carry it from hole to hole all day—you and your drill won’t feel much in the way of fatigue. That’s because the Eskimo Pistol Bit™ was designed to be lightweight, efficient and not beat you or your drill up while doing its job—which is to cut holes smooth and fast. Even the choosiest of gunslingers will love this Pistol.

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ENGINEERED NYLON/POLYMER FLITE Keeps the unit lightweight while maintaining flexibility and impact resistance in cold temperatures.
HEXAGONAL, ALUMINUM INNER STEM SHAFT Efficiently transfers power from drill to cutting head.
HIGH-STRENGTH POLYMER CUTTING HEAD Reliable performance in all conditions. Aggressive design cuts through ice quickly and smoothly.
REPLACEABLE STEEL BLADES Dual flat steel blades offer smooth cutting and breakthrough. Can be replaced.
BIT-SAVING TOP PLATE Included polymer top plate is slightly wider than the auger flite so you can cut with confidence knowing that you won’t lose your drill or auger down the hole.
HIGH-TORQUE, 1/2 INCH CHUCK CORDLESS DRILL REQUIRED Drill Minimum Requirements: Side stabilizer arm, 1/2″ Drill Chuck, 18 Volt/4 Amp Lithium Ion Battery (or higher), Brushless Motor Design, Minimum 725 in/lbs of torque

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 11 × 11 in


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