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The SPYPOINT FLEX-S delivers the same performance and flexibility of the original FLEX, with the added benefit of an integrated solar panel charging an internal lithium battery to keep your camera working longer than you ever imagined.

Receiving incredible 36MP photos and 1080p videos is easier than ever because the FLEX series connects to virtually any cellular network in the area thanks to true dual-sim configuration and optimized antenna.


  • Photo and Video Transmission
  • 36 MP Photos
  • 1080p Videos with Sound
  • Dual-SIM for Multi-Carrier Auto-Connectivity
  • Optimized Antenna
  • 0.3s Responsive Trigger
  • 100 ft. Flash & Detection Range


  • Instant Mode – On Demand
  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Option Battery Backup
  • Internal Rechargeable Lithium Battery And Integrated Solar Panel

    Use the power of the sun to keep the internal lithium battery charged for months.

  • Four Capture Modes

    Photo, Video, Time-Lapse & Time-Lapse + The Time-Lapse+ function takes photos at your preferred interval & when the camera’s detection sensor is triggered.

  • Responsive Trigger

    Automatically configures settings to the exact conditions at the time of the photo to deliver the very best quality, every time.

  • microSD Card Format Button

    Format your microSD right at the touch of a button.

  • Test Buttons

    Request a test photo be taken and sent when at the tree with easy-to-use buttons

  • GPS Enabled

    Maximizes the functionality and accuracy of the customizable maps feature of the SPYPOINT app.

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