Green Trail Sentinal Eva Boot


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The Sentinel offers the best protection against the elements of its category; 16‘’ (41cm) tall, it has a molded double hull and a higher, thicker and denser outsole. A 3‘’ (7.5 cm) nylon collar has also been added.


The Primaloft 400g insulated thermal liner combined with our new higher outsole will provide warmth to your feet even in extreme cold (-75 ° C).


The hull is 100% waterproof. No need to avoid deep puddles, streams, mud and snow. Your feet will be protected to an height of 16‘’.


The grip effectiveness is achieved by the studs design, which are specially designed to perform in the snow, ice, mud or sand, while keeping an improved contact with the ground.


You’ll feel like walking on a air cushion. Its 100% EVA design allows the Sentinel to absorb shocks while providing better foot support.


Lighter than leather, rubber and neoprene, EVA allows you to pursue your journey without fatigue, step after step. You will even forget your are wearing boots.


EVA is one of the most insulating materials on the market because it uses air as a thermal insulator. Microbubbles of air are trapped in the hull, creating a high-performance barrier against the cold. These micro air bubbles also guarantee an incredible lightness. The high-density EVA makes the boots resistant, flexible, warm, light and 100% waterproof.


Designed in Canada, optimized for hunting , the Sentinel boot offers a unique, streamlined design and a slim fit. You will go where you want while remaining silent.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 6 in

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