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Provides detailed coverage of the east coast of North America from Nain, NL to Raritan Bay, NY featuring Newfoundland, Île d’Anticosti, New York Harbor and full U.S. and Canadian coverage of the Great Lakes in their entirety. The west coast of North America is covered from Glacier Bay, AK to Aberdeen, WA featuring British Columbia, Vancouver, the Queen Charlotte Islands and Puget Sound

To update maps using this update card:

  1. Power key to turn on the device. Do not turn off the device during the update process.
  2. After the Home screen appears, insert the card into the device. The Data Card screen appears.
  3. If software does not support reading the built-in map update from the card, the following message will appear: “Map Format Is Not Supported.”
  4. Acknowledge this message.
  5. Select Update Software to update the device’s software. The update process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The device will now recognize the new map format.

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